Whether you need romance concierge services or to celebrate a loved one; Sentiments helps you cherish the moments, memories and ones you love.


Special Date Planning

(Private Chef Dinner, Vineyard Picnic, Surprise Date Night)

"Honeymoon" Style Suite Set-up

Proposal Concepting

Automated Occasion Reminders and Gift Ideas


1. Choose your desired mood through consultation:

A.Ethereal White - Soft Romantic Mood

B. Hearts of Fire - Flaming Romantic Mood

C. Sweet Charm - Cozy Romantic Mood

2. Confirm selection from suggested prop rental list

3. Have items delivered for special occasion and pre-arrange pick-up.

CHERISHED Memorabilia

Visual Time Capsule Shadowboxes


Graduation/Milestone Commemorative Books

Child Activity Commemoration

Memorial Wreaths and Memory Boxes


A perfect merger of logistics and creativity.

That's me!  Thoughtfulness in the details  gets hitched to the creative execution of something simply divine.

It all started with: "You'll never be able to find someone to make the fantasy honeymoon suite of your dreams come true". And they were right. I didn't find it so I started working on the idea myself...


Say Hello to Sentiments!

This is a new venture and I'm looking forward to helping you cherish the moments, memories and ones you love!



                 Tel: 202.780.5797

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