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Whether you need romance concierge services or to celebrate a loved one; Sentiments helps you cherish the moments, memories and ones you love.


Greater D.C. Area



Special Date Planning

(Private Chef Dinner, Vineyard Picnic, Surprise Date Night)

"Honeymoon" Style Suite Set-up

Proposal Concepting

Automated Occasion Reminders and Gift Ideas


1. Choose your desired mood through consultation:

A.Ethereal White - Soft Romantic Mood

B. Hearts of Fire - Flaming Romantic Mood

C. Sweet Charm - Cozy Romantic Mood

2. Confirm selection from suggested prop rental list

3. Have items delivered for special occasion and pre-arrange pick-up.

CHERISHED Memorabilia

Visual Time Capsule Shadowboxes


Graduation/Milestone Commemorative Books

Child Activity Commemoration

Memorial Wreaths and Memory Boxes


about me.

A perfect merger of logistics and creativity.

That's me!  Thoughtfulness in the details  gets hitched to the creative execution of something simply divine.

It all started with: "You'll never be able to find someone to make the fantasy honeymoon suite of your dreams come true". And they were right. I didn't find it so I started working on the idea myself...


Say Hello to Sentiments!

This is a new venture and I'm looking forward to helping you cherish the moments, memories and ones you love!

Info Gallery


ROMANCE RENTALS 1.Decide the desired mood 2. Select from suggested props 3.Have items delivered and picked up

VINEYARD PICNIC Enchanting picnic arrangements for two.

SWEET SUITE Honeymoon, Anniversary or Just Because; the scene is set with your choice of mood (Soft Ethereal, Hearts on Fire or Sweet Charm).

SPECIAL OCCASIONS Add a wow factor to a proposal or for a special occasion.

ROMANTIC RENDEZVOUS Planning a romantic date. The magic is in the details.

GIFT "DRESSING" It's not just wrapping. Presentation is a punctuation for a present! Have your special item dressed with a special touch.

ROMANTIC SURPRISES Have a special surprise planned to really create a spark of joy!

MEMORABILLIA SHADOWBOXES From newborn to graduation or special commemorations, these visual time capsules help capture cherished moments.

MEMORIAL WREATHS AND BOXES Personalized Wreaths and Memory Boxes help treasure and honor the memory of a loved one.


                 Tel: 202.780.5797

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